Yokko is the Egg Complien. It belongs to the Plain Element. It grows into Eggmaton, which grows into Friedmaton or Poachedmaton.


Yokko has a yellow, round body with two arms. It has a singular black pupil in the middle of the egg yolk. It has a drippy texture, similar to that of the yolk of a raw egg.


Yokkos often wander around forests, scavenging for food. Unlike most Compliens, Yokkos do not have the protection of their grown forms. Yokkos are fairly weak Compliens, and often are hunted by other, larger Compliens. Yokkos often just need to be able to survive on their own if they ever want to grow. Of all their grown forms, Poachedmatons seem to be most protective of them, since Friedmatons have a more ghostly appearance, while Eggmatons are simply incubating, waiting to evolve. Yokkos are very easily eaten by other creatures, though they are in high abundance, so they are awfully far from endangerment. However, since Yokkos aren't the most tasty Compliens, they are often ignored in favor of something more delicious. It is theorized that once Yokkos were actually much tastier, but that they evolved to be less appetizing to let them survive before they can incubate as an Eggmaton.



Yokko grows into Eggmaton, which grows into Friedmaton.


Yokko grows into Eggmaton, which grows into Poachedmaton.


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Some insights on Yokko's origins.


Its name is derived from yolk, part of an egg.


Yokko is based off of an egg yolk, particularly that of a hard boiled egg.


  • Although being the first stage in its line, it was the last one designed, first appearing on Complipedia in early 2016.