Potatohm is the Potato Battery Complien. It belongs to the Earth and Cyber Elements. It grows into Spudnic and later Robotato.


Potatohms have resembles an oblong, brown potato with two yellow, angry eyes and a large battery strapped to its back. A few wires emerge from the battery, a few resembling jumper cables which can act as claws.


Potatohms are unnaturally created technological Compliens that are found near power plants. Despite belonging to the Cyber element, they are immune to electrical attacks, and in fact, can utilize a few of their own. Potatohms are unusually vicious, and will zap others on sight. They are surprisingly powerful generators, far above those of normal potatoes, though their aggressive nature oftentimes makes others unwilling to use them as a power source.

Potatohms, however, were upgraded by Raethian scientists to form Spudnic and Robotato during the Complien vs. Raethian war, to utilize their power and aggressive nature. Complien fighters eventually discovered that the battery could be removed from a potato to easily kill them.



Potatohm grows into Spudnic, which grows into Robotato.


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Some insights on Potatohm's origins.


Potatohm is derived from "potato" and "ohm," a unit to measure electrical resistance.


Potatohm is an exaggeration of potato batteries.


  • The first ever Potatohm's appearance coincides with the invention of the battery. Scientists are left baffled as to which came first.
  • It has been known for Potatohms to zap too much and cook themselves. They apparently taste great.
  • It was the 100th page created on the Compliverse Wiki.