Omleton is the Egg Complien. It belongs to the Plain and Martial Elements. It is the Burgeoned form of Eggmaton.


It looks like a gigantic, three-legged turtle-shaped omelet. Its feet are like elephant feet, and several long gooey hands protrude from it. It tapers at the back into a tail, and has many wood and metal scrapers stuck in it. It is yellow in color, is about 1.5 meters tall and 2 meters wide, and weighs approximately 3,000 kilograms.


Omletons emerge if the Yokko inside an Eggmaton incubates for especially long, causing it to grow to massive size, bursting out of the egg. Omletons are powerful, heavy Compliens which march around forests, knocking over trees in their way and battling most opponents which confront it. Omletons use the scrapers stuck to it to attack, though if an opponent can dodge, they can use the scrapers to attempt attacking Omleton. However, this is rarely effective to the Omleton's extremely durable body.

Omletons are very strong and large, and can have objects stuck in them without being harmed, so they serve as meat shields and weapon holders in the army. However, they are highly pressurized, and have very hot interiors, so when an Omleton's insides are revealed, they can sometimes burst into an explosion of boiling hot scrambled eggs.



Eggmaton burgeons into Omleton.


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Some insights on Omleton's origins.


Omleton's name is derived from the word "omelet."


Omleton is based on the world's largest omelet.


  • Omleton is the only grown form of Eggmaton that doesn't end its name with the full -maton suffix.
  • Omletons are blind, and are unaware what they are eating when they attempt to absorb various forms of vegetation. Much like Yokko and Poachedmaton, Omletons are herbivorous.