Melteye is the Melting Complien. It belongs to the Plain and Toxic Elements. It burgeons into Meltogether.


Melteye has a large, white eye with a black pupil, and a yellow and red antenna. They have large, blue, melting bodies. Their bodies often melt together, fusing them into one entity.


Melteyes are a common, albeit, weak Complien, that roams across just about every area of Complanet, aside from the poles. Since they have trouble defending themselves on their own, they often rely on other Melteyes to become more powerful, by means of melting together. Despite their somewhat liquidous looking body, Melteyes never seem to track any blue goop anywhere they go. Why this is so is unknown. Melteyes, when merged, still act as their own creatures, but often, they have trouble separating themselves, so they often end up having to stay merged. Although it assuredly is unhelpful for when Melteyes are performing basic tasks, it does leave them more powerful, which is especially helpful, since Melteyes are typically not a very powerful creature. If five Melteyes merge, they burgeon into a Meltogether.

Melteyes are genderless, and reproduce asexually. Melteyes may split some of the gelatinous goop off of their bodies, which can end up rapidly growing and forming new Melteyes. Since this is a fairly easy ability, Melteyes can easily spawn large groups, making them extremely common. If multiple Melteyes group together, the genes of their offspring may combine. This leads to Melteyes combining being a helpful way to create genetic variation.



Melteye burgeons into Meltogether.


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Some insights on Melteye's origins.


Melteye's name is inspired from "melty" and "eye."


Melteye's design takes place from eyeballs.


  • Melteye was designed for the Complipedia's fifth anniversary.
  • Melteyes are theorized to be insectivores, since they are seen absorbing small, bug-like Compliens into their bodies. Whether or not this provides sustenance is unknown.