Lezepile is the Bush Complien. It belongs to the Flora Element. It grows into Lezebush.


Lezepile has a large, blue head with two horns. It has a mouth, and two eyes which are obscured by the leaves that make up its coat. It has a body with four stubby legs, obscured by its leafy coat. The leaves are green if a Lezepile is healthy, but will change colors if a Lezepile is in improper conditions.


Lezepiles live on the terraformed planet of Lumolivron. They reside in the vast forests there. However, because Lumolivron has recently gone into an environmental protection frenzy of cutting carbon footprints and reducing greenhouse gases, the Lezepiles, Lezebushes, and all other plants and Flora Element all have much less carbon dioxide to respirate, causing them to die out. Biologists began pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to revive the plants, but hippies destroyed the machines out of fear of global warming. As a result, Lezepiles are close to extinction and Lumolivron is ironically much more dead than it was before people started trying to save it.



Lezepile grows into Lezebush.


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Some insights on Lezepile's origins.


Lezepile's name is likely corrupted from "leaf pile."


Lezepile's design is inspired by yaks.


  • It was originally designed by CattailsWelove on the Complipedia.
  • As well as being able to use photosynthesis, they can consume grubs and bugs feeding on their leaves with an unsettlingly long prehensile tongue.
  • They respirate through their leaves. However, they can still make noises through their mouth, which has a diaphragm that vibrates.
  • Lezepiles feel sharp pain when their leaves are damaged or broken off. This has caused some of Bumbummeron's hippies to wrap them in plastic to protect the endangered species, unaware that the Lezepiles promptly die of asphyxiation.