Instincts are skills that are inherited by certain Complien species and families. In battles, usually at the very beginning of the fight, instincts create passive effects which are triggered under certain conditions. Just like Compliens and spells, instincts have elements. If one opponent's instinct element is resistant or immune to incoming damage of another's instinct element, the weaker instinct will not trigger at all in the battle.

List of instinctsEdit

Name Element Description Triggered
Absorber Flora Spells with the Flora element will heal the user for 25% of the damage done. Circumstance
Acidic Toxic Spells with the Toxic element, regardless of whether they have a poison effect or not, will have a 50% chance to poison the opponent. Circumstance
Alarm Sound Raises Attack and Speed of allies with the same Instinct by 1.5x when the user is confused. Circumstance
Battery Volt Spells with the Volt element used against this Complien will raise its attack instead of dealing damage. Circumstance
Big Meaty Claws Water All Water and Martial Element Spells used by this Complien will deal 1.5x damage. Constant
Bioluminescent Light Raises Attack against those with the Dark element, makes Compliens with this instinct immune to sleeping and blindness. Constant
Bloodthirst Corrupt This Complien's damaging spells deal extra damage against opponents that are not of the Corrupt element. Circumstance
Bravery Martial Compliens with this ability are not affected by haunting. They also cannot switch out or run away. Constant
Co-operative Esper Each head, body, or personality of this Complien strengthens the damage of cast spells. Constant
Chain Reaction Nuclear Spells that deal damage have a chance to cause the Complien with this instinct to use the spell Explode, whether or not it usually has this spell. Only spells that deal over 60 damage can activate the instinct, and the chance increases from 0% at 60 damage to 90% at 125 damage, but no higher. Constant
Christmas Spirit Magic Allies of the Complien with Christmas Spirit get a small speed and attack buff at the beginning of the battle. Instantaneous
Chronomotile Time The Complien with this instinct can reverse time at will one round at a time, undoing all spells from that round, to change the direction of the battle. Has 10 uses. Ability
Cloud Storage Cyber When hit with a spell, they can mimic the spell for one round. If the user already knows the spell they were hit with, it heals instead. Circumstance
Colour Change Passion Increases evasion by 75%. If the user's color is forcibly changed, such as with paint, this instinct has no effect. Constant
Crucible Fire Compliens that touch the user are inflicted with burning. Circumstance
Deep Root Flora This Complien regenerates a small amount of health every round. Constant
Delirium Drea The opponent has a 25% chance every round to misfire, forget their attack, or become paralysed. Constant
Dense Coat Flora Spells of the Frost element used against the user will deal 0.5x damage, applied after all other reductions and increases. Circumstance
Disguise Esper The Complien enters the round disguised as another Complien. When attacked, its disguise will be revealed. Instantaneous
Echo Sound When hit with a spell, it can be mimicked 10 times, but the effect gets weaker each time. If the spell has the Sound element, its intensity is unchanged. Ability
Emotional Manipulation Passion Every turn, all enemies' defense will be lowered by 15%. This effect is cumulative. Constant
Explosive Fire Upon death, the Complien automatically uses Explode, even if it doesn't normally have that spell. Circumstance
Fight or Flight Martial At the beginning of the battle, the Complien with this instinct has a 50% chance (modified by evasion and speed) to instantly run away. Instantaneous
Firepower Fire Spells of the Fire element cast by the user will always inflict burning, even if they normally don't burn. Circumstance
First Strike Magic If a Complien with this instinct moves first, the power of the spell is multiplied by x1.5. Circumstance
Fragrant Flora All Compliens on the field that are not the user have a 10% chance every round of becoming confused. Constant
Frightening Facade Dark At the beginning of the battle, all Compliens on the field that are not the user will have their attack and defense lowered. Blind Compliens are unaffected. Instantaneous
Frostbite Frost Compliens that touch the user are damaged and have a 25% chance to freeze. Circumstance
Frozen Aura Frost Any Compliens without the Frost or Fire elements involved in the battle will gradually get slower as the battle progresses. Constant
Future Vision Esper Compliens with this instinct are shown their foe's moves one round ahead. Constant
Gaseous Air This instinct prevents any non-Air Element physical attacks from hitting the user. Circumstance
Generator Volt Volt and Cyber Element spells cast by the user will deal 1.5x more damage. Constant
Glass Cannon Light The user takes and receives 25% more damage. The user's spells also have a 10% chance to inflict bleeding. Constant
Godliness Cosmic All Compliens allied with the Complien with this instinct will have their stats maximized, while all enemies will have their stats dropped to 1. Constant
Gravitank Cosmic Projectiles aimed at allied Compliens will instead hit the user of this instinct. Constant
Half Copy Life If the Complien with this instinct tries to use a copying spell, the resulting Compliens are crippled. Constant
Half Life Nuclear When killed, this instinct revives the Complien with 50% of its health, but at one lower growth level. If the Complien is at its lowest growth when the instinct is triggered, it simply dies. This instinct can only trigger once in a battle. Circumstance
Heat Wave Fire Any Compliens without the Fire element involved in the battle will gradually get slower as the battle progresses. Constant
Heavy Duty Martial All direct spell damage is reduced by 15%. Constant
Hi-Frequency Sound When a spell of the Sound element is cast, it will hit multiple times, but it gets weaker with every round. Circumstance
Hindsight Time The Complien with this instinct is shown all of the spells and actions previously performed by the enemies, up to twenty actions. Constant
Hunger Dark All biting spells deal twice as much damage as usual, regardless of element matchups. Circumstance
Hyper Sound Compliens with this instinct have their speed raised slightly at the beginning of each turn. Constant
Hypnotic Dream If a Complien with this instinct puts an opponent to sleep, the opponent will be confused upon wake. Circumstance
Ignition Fire Compliens with this ability will always go first on the first round and a 40% chance added to base chance to on all subsequent rounds. Constant
Infective Toxic Any status effects caused by a Complien with this ability can be spread to other enemies by touch. Circumstance
Intellectual Esper Enemy spells and instincts are automatically revealed at the beginning of the round. Instantaneous
Jester Plain Any damaging spells cast have a 5% chance of applying a random effect. Constant
Lightweight Air Being hit by a strong enough spell will cause this Complien to become aerial for a short period of time. Circumstance
Liquid Body Water This instinct makes all inferiorly elemented spells have no effect on the Complien, but all superiorly elemented spells deal 1.25x damage. Constant
Long Song Sound Spells of the Sound element cast by the user last twice as long. Constant
Mana Aura Magic Spells of the Magic element cast by the user will deal 1.5x more damage. Constant
Metal Armour Metal Defense is directly tied to health. At 100% health, the Complien's defense is at its maximum. As the Complien takes damage, defense will drop too. Constant
Mindpower Esper Spells of the Psy element cast by the user will deal 1.5x more damage. Constant
Moon Power Dark The Complien with this instinct goes berserk as long as they are within moonlight. Circumstance
Mutagenic Nuclear Nuclear Element spells used by this Complien have a 25% chance to randomly change one element of the target to another element. Circumstance
Neutralizer Plain All spells cast by the user are now of the Plain element. Constant
Night Eyes Dark This Complien is no longer affected by attacks that contain the Light element, and is immune to blindness. Constant
Noxious Toxic All Compliens on the field have a 10% chance to be poisoned and a 10% chance to be confused every round. Constant
Orbital Strength Cosmic Every three rounds, the user gets a small boost in attack and speed. Every fifteen rounds, they are at their highest strength, before decreasing every round. The cycle then repeats. Constant
Overlooker Plain Boosts the accuracy of the Compliens' spells by 10%. Constant
Petrify Earth Spells that are neutrally typed against the Complien's own types will deal only 75% damage. Constant
Protective Martial If the Complien with this instinct is guarding another Complien, it will have its attack and defense booted by 25%. Circumstance
Pure Body Light Compliens with this ability will not be affected by status ailments. Constant
Pure Energy Magic Compliens with this instinct have no weaknesses and resistances, and no moves they use are supereffective or ineffective. Constant
Radioactive Nuclear This instinct has a chance every round to poison everything around its user. This chance ranges from 5% all the way to 85%, depending on how close they are. Constant
Reality Warp Void Vital elements in battle such as element advantages are switched around, and most instincts are reversed to become detrimental rather than beneficial. Constant
Reincarnation Spectral When killed, the Complien revives after one round with 25% of its maximum health. After three rounds, its health will be restored to 75% max. This instinct can only be triggered once. Circumstance
Restore From Backup Cyber When killed, the Complien revives after one round with 5% of its health. This instinct can only be triggered once. Circumstance
Rubbery Plain Spells that deal over 75 damage deal less damage as their damage increases, to a hard cap of 100 damage per spell. Constant
Shaded Aura Dark All Dark Element spells deal 50% more damage. Compliens with poor eyesight may be inflicted with blindness. Constant
Soundproof Sound This Complien is unaffected by Sound Element spells. Constant
Specular Light The secondary effects of spells targeting this Complien are reflected back. Constant
Stainless Steel Metal Spells with inferior elements deal no damage and neutral elements deal half damage to the user. Only has 6 uses. Constant
Stored Power Magic Every turn the user doesn't spend attacking doubles the power of a move the next time they use it. Constant
Swarm Air For every ally Complien of the same element, the user will deal 10% more Spell damage. If the same species, it will contribute 20%. Circumstance
Syzygy Cosmic The Complien's spells will always hit their target, regardless of accuracy and evasion. Constant
Tastes Like Pity Toxic If a biting spell is used against a Complien with this instinct, they will be poisoned. Negates bite based spells with healing effects. Circumstance
The Cavalry's Here Time At the beginning of the battle, up to ten other versions of this Complien will be summoned from across the timeline to aid in combat. Instantaneous
Thorned Flora Touching a Complien with this instinct will cause damage. Circumstance
Topple Plain This Complien is stunned if it is hit by a strong spell. Circumstance
Toxic Coat Toxic If the user is attacked directly, there will be a 10% chance the attacker will be poisoned. Circumstance
Unbreakable Earth All damage is reduced to 5% after modifiers. Constant
Ungrounded Air The Complien with this instinct has 10% higher evasion and cannot be hit by spells with the Earth element. Constant
Water Conversion Nuclear Depending on elemental advantages, Water Element spells may deal Air Element damage instead. Circumstance
Water Pores Water If the user is attacked with a Water Element spell, it will instead heal itself equal to the damage supposed to be dealt. Circumstance
Wild Card Void When a Complien uses a spell of its primary element, the spell will change to an element that is super effective against the opponent. Circumstance
You Can't See Me Dark Increases evasion by 50% and decreases enemy accuracy by 25%. Takes one round at the start of the battle to activate. Constant
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