Infectoid is the Infected Complien. It belongs to the Toxic and Life Elements. It grows into Cefaloceptik.


Infectoids have large green heads made from seven hexagonal cells put together with thick walls between each cell. Each cell has one large purple eye. They have thin, red necks with flesh running down the side, and spheroid bodies with large white bones around the right side, and a long arm with dripping, fleshy fingers at the end and bones on the elbow. A few vertebrae separate the main body from the bottom, which is largely consisting of red, rotted flesh. The appearance of an Infectoid's skin is reminiscent of infected tissue.


Infectoids are often said to be "sickly" in nature, which is entirely justified, as each Infectoid appears to be horrifically diseased, and this can easily spread to those who come in contact with it. However, Infectoids do not seem to be damaged by this disease, as instead they form mutualistic relationships with the various illnesses infecting them. Infectoids often gain more power through their illness, and when medicines are used on them, it seems to weaken or even damage them. Toxic Element Compliens seem to be incapable of damaging these Compliens, as Toxic spells only appear to strengthen them, though they appear to crumble when subjected to the Life Element spells of an Inciseon or Healium.

Infectoids usually have to be contained, so as to prevent the spread of disease, but occasionally, they are studied in seclusive areas of hospitals, where disease is extracted from them, and subsequently cures are found. However, outbreaks of Infectoids have been very damaging, and often end up with several diseased. Mogurians and Raethians seem to be particularly susceptible, as the diseases are native to Complanet, as opposed to the diseases found on Moguria or Raeth. Collusian Mogurians, however, do appear to have developed better immunities to an Infectoid's diseases. Infectoids appear to be of low sapience, but often they work together to assist a leading Cefaloceptik.

While Infectoids are particularly damaging if not contained and riddled with disease, most state that no efforts should be made to remove Infectoids from the environment. They still prove vital to the diets of many toxivorous creatures, and their value in research and development of cures for many illnesses is particularly notable. Most are advised to stay away from Infectoids, and some efforts have been made to lessen or contain their populations, though it has been agreed they should not be driven to extinction.


Infectoids are most frequently seen in cold, urban areas, with their most common populations being in large Suyzuebian cities like Scienceburg. They have also been seen in Blaseau, Gastricion, and northern Nagthoto and Xiyule. However, Hoyae is too cold even to sustain Infectoid populations.

They are found in similar environments on eastern Collusia, and are often studied at Mogurian Medical.



Infectoid grows into Cefaloceptik.


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Some insights on Infectoid's origins.


Infectoid is derived from "infected" and "insectoid," not because it is actually insectoid, but because it's a living creature of sorts and because the name sounded good.


Infectoid's design is reminiscent of cells and infected tissue.


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