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Welcome to Compliverse Wiki! The next featured Complien you get to vote for! The current voting is for the featured Complien in December 2018! Just go to the main page and vote on the poll that will be there. If you have any specific Compliens you want in the next poll, please contact an active admin before the end of the month! The Featured Complien section will be updated with the most voted for Complien on December 1st. Enjoy the wiki!

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Featured Complien: Shrock!
Shrock is the Volt Rock Complien. Shrocks are Compliens formed when lightning strikes a rock infused with complixonox. They can only move when electrically charged, so they must seek out other Volt Element Compliens to do so. Read more...
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  • ...There are three yearly Halloweek events?
  • ...TVC is made purely from electromagnetic waves?
  • ...Comimentes are often kept as low-maintenance pets?
  • ...Watchlens will stare down intruders with their freakishly wide eyes?
  • ...Okidoki is recognized as a symbol of love around Complanet?

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