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Welcome to Compliverse Wiki!

A wiki welcoming the creativity of users to create Compliens, Humanoids, Mogurians, and more!

Compliverse Wiki was started on April 9, 2017, and now we have a total of 124 pages, and 1,317 contributions have been made! Why not help make the counter higher and create some pages yourself?
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  • Please assist with porting over pages from Complipedia! A list of Compliens to port over can be found here.
Featured Complien
Which Complien should be featured in June?

The poll was created at 10:13 on May 1, 2017, and so far 7 people voted.

Feel free to nominate Compliens to see on the July poll here!

Formerly Featured

  • April 2017 - Maringel
  • May 2017 - Whimsire
  • June 2017 - TBA
  • July 2017 - TBA
  • August 2017 - TBA
  • September 2017 - TBA
  • October 2017 - TBA
  • November 2017 - TBA
  • December 2017 - TBA
Meet The Contenders...
Mayabrell Seeriel Kriller Dimilevis Molidrake Beanafly Shrock
Recent Activity
Complien hexagon

Welcome to Compliverse Wiki! The next featured Complien you get to vote for! The current voting period is from Saturday, Monday 1st to Wednesday, May 31st. Just go to the main page and vote on the poll that will be there. If you have any specific Compliens you want in the next poll, please contact an active admin before the 31st! The Featured Complien section will be updated with the most voted for Complien on June 1st. Enjoy the wiki!

Want to create a Complien right now? This box below is perfect to do so. Have fun!

Featured Complien: Whimsire!
Whimsire is the Lantern Complien. Whimsires are proto-sapient Compliens that aimlessly fly through the air. While their fires do make their appearance obvious to airborne predators, since their body consists of an ectoplasmic flame surrounded by paper, they are typically not destroyed. Read more...
Monthly Complitition: Octoplasm
Create a design for the Complien Octoplasm! Octoplasm is a Water/Spectral Complien and the grown form of Ectopus. More info can be found on the blog post. See the blog post here!
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Fact of the Week

Did you know that...

  • ...Two of the three weeks this section has existed it was updated on Tuesdays rather than Mondays?
  • ...Phasmaparas are invisible before possessing a few bricks?
  • ...Molidrakes are filled with complixonox goo that helps Mindrakes grow?
  • ...Crawlas are able to start fires to keep themselves warm?
  • ...Jel is currently the only Complien in a four-stage line?

See new facts every Monday, and go to this thread to post facts of your own!

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