Blud is the Blood Complien. It belongs to the Life and Water Elements. It does not grow into or from anything.


Bluds are bloody slime compliens that has many different layers of blood. The colour of the blood becomes darker as it goes lower to the ground. It is one of the Liquid Compliens. It has a diamond shape pattern on their heads. They should not be mistaken as lava.


They spontaneously generate in the Underworld, but can also be found on Darness when bloodroot juice leaks onto exposed carbonaxe or another complixonox-derived mineral. Bluds are rare Compliens elsewhere, though on the few places they can be found, they are relatively common. These Compliens slither around, looking for small Compliens to consume. Bluds will then eat the Complien whole to drain its blood, and spit out the remaining corpse. Bluds become larger and more powerful the more Compliens they consume. Bluds will try to compete with one another to assert dominance afterwards.

Bluds, at one point, were overhunted by certain vampiric Compliens. However, Bluds have since developed a defense mechanism where when being consumed, they will release toxins to ward off these Compliens. However, certain Compliens have over time, grown to resist these toxins, allowing them to consume Bluds freely once again.



Blud does not grow.


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Some insights on Blud's origins.


Blud is derived from the word "blood."


Blud resembles a pile of blood and various slime monsters in popular culture.