Aeroplague is the Mad Doctor Complien. It belongs to the Toxic and Air Elements. It does not grow into or from anything.


Aeroplague is a Complien with a green mask-like face with holes representing eyes on the sides, and a large beak-like structure in the front, with two holes resembling nostrils. Within the "beak" is contained an organ which helps emit pleasant scents, so to cover up its dangerous abilities. The back of its head comes into a point, and it has a body and two wings, which are mostly covered by a large black cloak. Under the cloak, the skin is green like the rest of the Complien.


Aeroplagues are a Complien which set out in forests at night, emitting pleasant scents from their beak-like appendages. However, the Aeroplagues are highly venomous, often being able to spit out toxic potions to attack foes. It is unknown whether or not they are aware of their destructive tendencies, or if they are without a moral compass.

Aeroplagues often are able to attack foes with often deadly illnesses, which they pluck from the membrane of Blechteria. Aeroplagues have an aerodynamic cloak, though they are not very proficient in flying, the cloak does allow an Aeroplague to glide and have a safer fall.

Aeroplagues have excellent vision, and can spot out prey from a distance. They typically travel in hordes, and send one member to swoop down and find a random Complien to use as bait for their next experiment. High-sapience Compliens, however, are typically able to outsmart Aeroplagues, and can usually escape before any harm is done to them.

Upon capturing something or somebody, the whole group of Aeroplagues inject nasty poisons from their beaks into the poor creature, usually killing it in a matter of moments. They then dispose of the body by chucking it back into the forest and having a delectable insect dinner.

Should the experimentee survive, the Aeroplagues let it go free and none the worse for wear.



Aeroplague does not grow.


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Some insights on Aeroplague's origins.


Aeroplague's name is derived from "aeroplane" and "plague," referencing its flight-based abilities and design based on a plague doctor.


Its appearance and abilities are inspired by those of plague doctors in medieval and Renaissance-age Europe.


  • The cloak helps keep an Aeroplague aerodynamic, as the green skin doesn't provide much help with flight.